May 8: Mark Morrison-Reed

is well-known to many at UUB. As the UUA Ambassador to 5 fellowships in Europe he visits annually.  Currently he is an affiliated faculty member at Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago and coordinator of its Sankofa Archive – a collection of materials about the people of color who were Unitarian Universalist.  Previously he served for 26 years as co-minister with his wife, Donna, in Rochester, New York, and Toronto and is a former president of the Canadian Unitarian Council. As a historian of the African-American presence in UUism, he is author of nine meditation manuals, curricula and books. A new book, entitled Ménage á Trois: The UUA, GAUFCC and IARF and the Birth of the ICUU, will be released this summer. In it he also tells the history of the EUU which was a founding member of International Council of Unitarians and Universalist (ICUU).