The Spirituality of Doubt

11:00AM this Sunday, July 9, at Im Lohnhof 8, Basel, Matt Gilsenan will speak on The Spirituality of Doubt.

We all seek certainty in life, yet feeling we have arrived there can get us in trouble. Matt will address how our Unitarian Universalist community can serve the noble cause of “not knowing.”  Matt Gilsenan coaches people at work to be more effective leaders through understanding their own values, needs and drives, and those of their colleagues. He has been a coach and trainer for over a decade, and has been facilitating UU discussions for the past five years. He is a UUB founder and our current president.

IMPORTANT: We are aware that this Service falls during the start of school holidays for some of you. If you plan to bring children please give let us know as we will have Religious Education Services. 

Please bring a plate to share for lunch at 12:00. We will have plenty of extra seating, so this is also an opportunity to bring friends who are interested in an open-minded approach to religion and spirituality.