Unitarian Universalists of Basel are helping refugees and homeless people this winter

Along with Basel hilft mit and Carry the Future, UUB is collecting items to be distributed to those in need on streets in Paris.

According to Paris Refugee Ground Support’s last count there were ~1000 men and unaccompanied minors (teenagers) in the areas of Paris they support. Many of these people are ‘lost’ and are without hope. According to Fabiola president of Basel hilft mit, who travels directly to help on the streets at night, they live day in and day out in limbo with very little support and much harassment from the police. The police are not trusted as they separate the men into different places across France; their network is lost. Their items, like tents and sleeping bags, are often confiscated as well.  I am sure you understand that these people have had to flee their homes in fear for their lives due to war and discrimination. Basel hilft mit and Carry the Future Basel have been collecting sleeping bags, clothing and packing up toiletry items to be delivered.  UUB can help with these efforts by collecting and donating items to go in the next delivery in December.

What is most needed now are these very essential items now that it’s quite cold.

Please bring to church on Sunday, December 10, individual bags with the contents listed below.

SNUGH Packs:

This stands for Socks, Neck (scarves), Underwear, Gloves and Hats.

The ideal pack would have in Men’s sizes small and medium:

  • 3 pairs of wool Socks
  • 1 wool scarf to keep their Necks warm
  • 3 pairs cotton Underwear
  • 1 pair of wool Gloves (with removable finger tips)
  • 1 wool Hat

(of course any type of warm items would be most appreciated)

Food Packs:

Each bag consisting of:

  • 1x small bottle of water
  • 1x small carton of juice
  • 1x ring pull tin of fish
  • 2x little packs of breakfast biscuits or flapjacks (easy to make!)
  • 2x small chocolate bars
  • 1x cereal bar

A “note of hope and love” attached to any of the items would be most appreciated and personalize the gift