Possibilities Unleashed: Our theme for Sunday, January 27 2019

Greetings UU Basel,

We are in day 22 of the NEW year, and are off and running. 

January is for me about planning the New Year, thinking about what might happen, and setting new targets, it’s like a blank piece of paper waiting to be written on. After the hustle & bustle of the end of year holiday time, it’s so nice to quiet down, relax and think about the future.

Some of us are getting started on the future by organizing the details for our BOOTH at the Expat Expo. It should be lots of fun and a chance to meet new people, don’t forget to sign up to help at the booth for 2 hours or more. Remember, many hands make little work.

Second Sunday we had a Sanctuary Circle and next Sunday is a Service Sunday. It will be my first time EVER leading a Service next Sunday, I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. The theme is Possibilities, and I want you to know there is room at the table for EVERYONE, so stop by next Sunday and we can explore Possibilities together. :-

Best wishes,

Susan maude

UUB President

Lunch buffet at 12.00. Please bring a dish to share

Children’s RE is going on a field trip, after we sing the children out, to visit a local Hindu temple. Contact Cynthia Clare  for more info.

Deeper Discussion Workshop at 13.30 into possibilities