Sunday, February 24th- The Promise and the Practice: Creating and Nourishing Trust

UUB Sunday Service begins at 11:00 Welcome table is open at 10.30

Lunch buffet begins at 12.00.
Please bring a dish to share.
UUB Board meeting begins at 13.30, all are welcome.

Sunday’s lay-leader Sherif Soliman has been a Unitarian Universalist in Basel since 2014, where he encountered this group of liberal religious individuals who cherish diversity of thought and belief and support one another in spiritual growth.  He was born and grew up as Muslim in Egypt, was educated and chose to practice traditional non-conservative Islam. After receiving a high school degree, he started his university education in Agricultural Science. After his scientific education about evolution, he started questioning the religious doctrines such as the Creation of life. His traditional way of thinking was was gradually replaced by an ethic, moral, political, cultural and socioeconomic mind-set guiding him further in life. At the age of 25, Sherif moved to Sweden and got a PhD in Developmental Physiology and has worked as a Clinical Scientist in the Pharma industry first in Sweden and for the past decade and a half in Basel, where he enjoys fellowship at UUB.