Sunday, May 26th at 11:00 am Service on “Curiosity and the Quest for Truth.” led by I. Mehdi Jahandar- 13:15 “Covenant” workshop.

Sunday May 26th:

11:00 am. This month’s Fellowship Service on “Curiosity and the Quest for Truth” led by Mehdi Jahandar.
Lunch: Please bring a dish to share.

Parents: Please let us know if you are bringing children. RE will be led this month by Rev. Lara Fuchs
13:15 Workshop on “Our Covenant”.  We will continue with the co-creation of this important document.

Your presence is  important to all of us.


Mehdi Jahandar was born in Tehran in 1973. His father was one of the last policemen of the Shah and put himself to retirement just before the Revolution. With the little salary of his father’s retirement, Medhi had to work and study hard since around the age of 12 in order to be able to succeed and compensate for the difficult financial situation of the family

Mehdi placed 72th out of 1,100,000 in a university exam which allowed him to receive a comfortable scholarship to study political sciences and theology at the Ispahan University in Iran. He completed his bachelor’s  in public relations and photo journalism from the University of Tehran in 1998. Sponsored by a scholarship from the University of Geneva, he arrived there in the year 2000 where he compared cultural, economical and political reforms in Europe and Iran of the 16th Century. Unfortunately, Iranian hard liners forced a stop to reforms in Iran and therefore his research was rendered not useful anymore. The same year, Mehdi founded in Geneva a religious dialogue platform for youths which later became the “HAMRASI Association”.  In 2003 he obtained his first European master’s degree on humanitarian professions in a program suggested by the “Institut Relations Internationals Stratégique” and “Bioforce” in Paris. His last master´s was studied at the Swiss Peace Foundation in 2013. Mehdi was also PR manager for an important Iranian organization during three and a half years.

Mehdi feels honored to have been able to put his expertise at the service of the “Smile for Peace” project for m-n art.

You can watch his interview with CNN on the first page of the Hamrahi Association website:

Last year he was an UUB Board Member.


We will have food and fellowship after the service. Please bring a plate to share.


13:30 Fellowship Circle on “Our Covenant” led by John Eichrod

 John  studied  political science and law in the US  before  joining  the Peace  Corps in  Togo,  Africa.   

After the Peace Corps,  he  worked with the International Labour Office on social  policy,   labour standards,  and technical assistance .  

In 1980,  he  immigrated to France,  where  he taught English  in French  schools.   

On retirement,  he helped  to start  UU Basel,   and plays the flute in several  musical ensembles.   He believes strongly that Unitarian Universalism should be available to  persons  around the world.