July 14, 2019 11:00 Sanctuary led by Sharon Marshall, at 13:30 Board Meeting

11:00 Sanctuary led by Sharon Marshall

Sunday Sanctuary 
July 14, 11am @ Im Lohnhof, Basel
Led by Sharon
‘Is it true? Is it really true?’

Inspired by this question and Rev Diane Rollert’s recent sermon on Inquiry and Preconception, we’ll consider stories we tell and ways of seeing things that happened in our lives. And with inspiration from conductor Benjamin Zander, we’ll imagine the different stories we might tell if

we were to look at events past, present and future through a different lens… or 2, or 3.
Following three simple principles, can we change our minds about the past? Can we alter how and what we create and experience in the future?


13:30 Board Meeting. Everybody welcome.