September 8th, 2019, 11am “AGREEMENTS FOR A GREAT LIFE” 13:30 Fellowship on the 2020 Budget.

11 am.
Sacred Circle: Tools for Personal

BMC UUB 8th September, 2019


  • What are the advantages of being impeccable with your word?
  • How does not making assumptions make your life easier?
  • What are the consecuences of always doing your best?
  • Are you happier when you do not  take anything personally?
  • What happens when you choose to see the truth, to recover authenticity, and to stay alert and critical to what you see, hear and think?Come join us on this day of possible transformation with the presentaton of “AGREEMENTS FOR A GREAT LIFE”.

Based on the 5 Toltec Wisdoms by Don Miguel Ruiz, we shall hold an interactive meditation  on these questions and enjoy intellectual and experiental moments.

Sacred Circle led by Blanca Maria [Müller Lagunez]

You may wish to bring something for lunch for yourself. There are also very close by restaurants.

As of 13:30 Budget Fellowship

What do we agree on as a community? What do we wish to do/create/achieve in our next financial year?

Budget Fellowship -lead by Dilek Bumbacher

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