December 15th, Service on “Awe” and UUB Christmas/Holiday Celebration.

December 15th, 11 am: Service on “Awe” and Holiday Celebration.

Come and join us in heart felt connection and feel the vibrations of love, companionship, and joy this Sunday during the Sanctuary Service on Awe, and the sing a long and holiday lunch afterwards.

We are happy to share that Sara and  Myriam  will play the clarinet and the recorder and our lovely Cornélie the flute. As well special guest Francis who will play the violin. Musical director is our dear John. 
After the Service we will share a happy Sing-a-long.  And course, the annual turkey with pot luck offerings.


Lead by Blanca Maria Müller Lagunez who has always been drawn towards universality in all its forms. She is a living bridge between science, art and spirituality. She studied philosophy and holds a BA with post-graduate studies in Economics. She is a certified Sound Healer and works with many types of therapy forms. Born in Mexico, she has also shaman training. Blanca Maria has served in several leadership roles at international organizations, including UUBasel. She is a spiritual and life coach, conducts workshops and two radio programs per month. She is the mother of a beautiful, creative and amazing daughter. 

Christmas Sing-along. After the Service. We  still   very much need one or more volunteers to lead the Sing  Along. 


A pot luck holiday feast, including a turkey with all the trimmings is in the works. This is the link to the food doodle. Please fill in and see you soon!

Upcoming Events UU Basel:

Next Fellowship on January 24th, will be lead by Susan maude who will address the theme of “Integrity”.

The AGM 2019

The AGM last month was a big success. We had a good turnout, a quorum was very easily established. The new slate of officers for UU Basel were voted in, in these positions: President: Matt Cook. Vice President: Sherif Soliman. Secretary: Sharon Marshall. Treasurer: Les Andrews. A balance budget for the coming year was approved too. Somethings that were announced is we are still looking for a RE teacher and John IS stepping down after many years as music director. A board meeting will be coming up  early next year so keep a lookout about for news on that.  More personally, I am so grateful to you all for being part of this amazing year , it was a pleasure to vote in a complete board at the AGM.
I am confident UUB will continue to provide shelter and peace to the community in the New Year.   
Happy Holidays! Best wishes,

Susan B.Past President UU Basel

Post elaborated by Blanca Maria Müller Lagunez.