Voice Improvisation, Sunday Sanctuary & more

09.30 Voice Improvisation
Join Dagmar Falarzik this Sunday for an hour of Free Voice Improvisation!
Singing with others, making sounds together, is known to contribute significantly to a sense of individual and collective wellbeing.
In this workshop, Dagmar will encourage our voices to flow in forms that  inspire us: humming, singing, droning, mumbling. We’ll add percussion to support the sound patterns that arise from our joint voices.

11.00 Sunday Sanctuary
The Sunday Sanctuary follows a contemplative, reflective format, with music, readings and personal sharing. Sharon will lead us this week, in a Sanctuary inspired in part by Bill Piggot’s recent writings, speaking of the bushfires raging in his home state of New South Wales, Australia. What does ‘Integrity’ look like, when we’re pushed to extremes? What does it look like in us as observers of the unfolding disaster?

13.30 Being in a Community of Integrity
Join us after lunch, when together we’ll do a bit of planning, a bit of preparation and quite a lot of imagining and designing a future we want for ourselves, in our UUB ‘family’