Coming up at UU Basel

Matt Gilsenan

May 24, 11:00; Sunday Sanctuary
Join Matt Gilsenan as we continue to explore our theme for this month.
Crossing a threshold can be a simple act of passing through a doorway, or a more profound transition into a new stage of life. How can we consciously co-create our experience of life and our collective future?

June 14, 11:00; Sunday Service
‘Leaving the Comfort Zone with Poetry’
Dagmar Falarzik
is our Speaker this month.
For spiritual growth one has to leave the comfort zone. For some this may happen unintentionally by sickness, accident, near death experience. For others it may be intended by using techniques as meditation, fasting, psychotropic substances, holotropic breathing or climbing Mount Everest.
Those who apply these methods are seekers driven by a strange yearning.
Artists have always been seekers. Therefore I want to present three poems (Walt Whitman, Rainer Maria Rilke, Tom Hirons) which describe the extraordinary, the unspeakable, the spiritual experience beyond.
Let these poems touch our souls.