This Sunday at UU Basel

August 9, 11:00; Sunday Service on Zoom
‘Our Daily Bread: Gratitude and Uncertainty’
In the Celtic calendar, this weekend was ‘Lammas’, in the season of Lugnasadh; the time of the first grain harvest.
As we return from the delights of a summer break, we can turn our focus towards gratitude for the inner or outer harvest of our lives.
During this strange time of uncertainty we’re living through, what personal harvests can we be grateful for? How might a practice of gratitude support us?
The Zoom meeting will open at 10:30: join us with a cool drink to say hi…
And bring lunch! We’ll take a quick break to eat together before a short workshop
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About our Speaker…
Rev. Mills is an ordained Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor, trained with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. She is also an initiated Christo-Druid, and an Anglican lay minister ( and yes, she says, it is possible to be all of these things!).

Jude is also a writer, musician, performer, Yoga teacher, Celtic Reiki Master, bodywork therapist and Certified Embodied Facilitator.
She brings a wealth of background into her work, offering an intuitive and gentle approach to creating, holding and supporting space for integration and healing.

12.30(ish) What are we grateful for? What else?
After the break, Rev. Jude will facilitate a conversation to harvest our own sources of gratitude: actual and potential, playful and challenging, silly and deeply serious.