This Sunday at UU Basel

September 13, 11:00; Sunday Service on Zoom
‘Assessments, Assumptions and Imaginations’

Where are these goats, how many of them are there, and what have they been smoking?
Do we need this warning? Doesn’t everyone know that goats collide and lock horns?
Do high goats need a whole kilometer for satisfying collisions?

Sharon will lead us round these bends in the road and others this Sunday, in a playful and (she hopes) meaningful exploration of ways, common and uncommon, that we attempt to connect, reach ‘truth’, or at least some kind of understanding with one another.

We’ll open the Zoom room at 10:30, to gather and connect with one another, and leave it open for a time after the service for those who would like to eat lunch together.

Sunday September 27 : we’ll meet somewhere outdoors again!
Watch this space for details nearer the time…

The Zoom meeting will open at 10:30: join us with a cool drink to say hi…
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