This Sunday at UU Basel

Sunday, September 27, 11am

Sunday Sanctuary with Sharon

We’ll continue on our theme of  ‘Assumptions, Assessments & Imaginations’, with the help of readings, poetry and reflection, individual and communal.
We’re delighted to share that we have been offered a space to meet in-person this Sunday, and greatly look forward to seeing at least some of you there!  To help us create a welcoming and relaxed experience right from the start of this re-gathering in an unfamiliar space, please read all of the following text and answer the questionnaire before attending.
We’ll meet in a grand old house on the north bank of the Rhine, roughly opposite the Paper Mill Museum. You’ll find the address in the attached questionnaire! There’s a kitchen, where we can make coffee & tea.
Although the house itself is large and grand, the spaces available for us to meet in do not have infinite capacity; we estimate we can accommodate a maximum of 10. We are committed to keeping everyone safe, and ensuring our events do not become Covid-19-spreaders.   We are also required to collect and hold names and contact details of attendees for a minimum of 2 weeks after an event.
This questionnaire is designed to gather these required details for us in advance, so that we can plan appropriately, and tomorrow we can focus on being with one another.
Please complete the questionnaire before attending (ideally by this evening) to help us with this goal.  We don’t want to be fiddling with paper and pens tomorrow!

Some information for people planning to attend from outside Basel:
Basel Stadt’s current rate of new Covid-19 infections has been slowly declining and the average new infection rate of 2.64/day for the past 2 weeks (compared with 3.71/day and 4.21/day in the 2 preceding 2 week periods) suggests it is below the magic R1 for transmission. We know that this is not necessarily the case in other areas. 

We look forward to welcoming you! 

The Zoom meeting will open at 10:30: join us with a cool drink to say hi…
Want to join us but not on our mailing list?
email us at and we’ll happily send you the details!