Coming up at UUBasel

11:00 Sunday, August 22

Sunday Sanctuary on Zoom

‘The Opening of Eyes’

Please join us for this, our first event after our summer break.

Poet David Whyte finds his inspiration in nature and in the everyday realities of life. His poetry, allowing what he sees and senses before and around him to soothe, to elevate, to ground and reconnect, invites us, too, to see and hear in ways that might open us, too, to  different ways of seeing, understanding and being in the world.

We’ll use David’s poem, The Opening of Eyes, to begin an exploration of this idea together, and maybe to inspire observations or poems of our own.

Bring your curiosity, your enthusiasm for meeting to explore and experiment, and a will for common ground.  

12:00: as usual we’ll leave the room open over lunch to chat and continue the conversation, also on Zoom

Join us!

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We look forward to seeing you somewhere, somehow, sometime soon!
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves…

Thanks to Richard Griffiths for making this photo available freely on Unsplash