Coming up at UUBasel

Sunday, September 12

11:00: ‘Meeting One Another as if for the First Time’ with Sharon Marshall, on Zoom!

As we regather this month after our summer break, whether you’re one of the people who have signed on to our mailing list over the summer, or an ‘old timer’, welcome!

We will bring to mind, in the hope that we’ll soon be able to meet in person again,  what it was that had us first pass through the doors (or log in to zoom!) to attend a UU Basel event and, perhaps more importantly, what has had us stay, and continue to do so throughout this long, long period of physical separation. We’ll tell stories of our first arrival, and see if we can find ways to recreate that delight we felt when we first crossed the threshold and felt one another’s presence. 

What a way to prepare for a physical reunion that we hope will come soon – and to reignite our energy and connection, even if walking through our physical doors turns out to be not quite so close as we hope!

Bring a notebook and something to write with, and feel free to stay to continue the conversation over lunch.

12:00: as usual we’ll leave the room open over lunch to chat and continue the conversation, also on Zoom

Join us!

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We look forward to seeing you somewhere, somehow, sometime soon!
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves…