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Schedule change for just this month, October 2021

This month we adjust our events to accommodate both a 5-Sunday month and the upcoming EUU retreat.

Sunday, October 17

11:00 Sunday Oct 17 Sanctuary on Zoom

Story Listening

We will listen to a recording of Mushkil Gusha as written by Idries Shah, transmitter of many Sufi teaching stories. An opportunity for sharing brief reflections on the story will follow.

12:00: as usual we’ll leave the room open over lunch to chat and continue the conversation, also on Zoom

Join us!

EUU Fall 2021 Retreat — October 29-31

Building and Sustaining Community: A Co-Created Virtual Gathering

The upcoming retreat will be the most collaborative event we’ve ever had! Going way beyond Zoom, various online tools will allow anything from informal chats in the ‘lobby’, with whomever you choose, dipping in and out of social gatherings, joining the virtual choir,and attending workshops. A few highlights are listed below. Drop in and get to know new friends on Friday evening!

Register now to participate, including in co-creation workshops for the Sunday Service. The registration fee is up to you to determine.

Saturday, October 30

14:00 Theme Talk with Diane Rollert, our Ambassador from the UUA.

15:15 Multiple groups will co-create each element of the Sunday service – sign up soon if you’d like to take part in this, or any other workshop!

Sunday, October 31

12:30 Sunday’s co-created Service; Diane Rollert and all

Upcoming, ongoing, activities from other EUU fellowships can be found here

Check them out and sign up in advance for the link or directions.

We look forward to seeing you somewhere, somehow, sometime soon!
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves…