Up Coming Planning Meeting

Sunday, January 23

14:00 – 16:00 Planning Meeting

Join us on Zoom from 13:45 PM

Dear Members and Friends,

You are invited to our Annual Planning Meeting which will be held on Sunday, the 23rd of January 2022 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Zoom.

The meeting format is a discussion on what we feel is most important for us as persons, as well as for our UUBasel community.

To help all of our thought processes, here is a worksheet best filled out in advance.

We urge you to attend as this is a valuable opportunity for everyone to share in the decisions and give life to our small fellowship.

So that the meeting will serve its purpose, it would be good to give thought during the week to what is most important or even vital for you in our community, and what is feasible in these tense Covid times.

To help prepare an effective and friendly meeting, any special considerations for the meeting are welcome and please send them to me, via UUBasel@gmail.com, by Thursday. Also, kindly let us know if you will be attending.

In Faith,

John Eichrodt

Coordinator for the Planning Meeting of January

Sunday, February 13

11:00: Service with Eva Kortekaas

The Sound of All of Us, a Song for Each of Us

The last two years have shown us how interdependent we are as human beings and how important the bonds between people are. We’ve experienced the strength and struggles it can bring. But we have also felt to challenge to balance this with finding our own unique paths. Come join us as we explore the song that each one of us creates, the melody they form as they rise together and how both can nourish each other.

Eva Kortekaas is native Dutch and discovered Unitarian Universalism over ten years ago. Since then Eva has explored UU as a member of NUUF, EUU and ICUU, wearing many hats. Currently she is Chair of Worship (and an informal Student Minister) at NUUF. She has a master in Religion Studies and the last few years has been pursuing studies for the ministry at the Instituut OVP in Bilthoven.  

Upcoming, ongoing, activities from other EUU fellowships can be found here

Check them out and sign up in advance for the link or directions.

We look forward to seeing you somewhere, somehow, sometime soon!
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves…