February 27 at UU Basel

Sunday, February 27

13:00 Group visit to the Museum of Cultures in Basel

Our services and events are always open to all.

At 13:00 we meet in front of the museum:

Museum der Kulturen
MĂĽnsterplatz 20, 4051 Basel

Currently there are four special exhibitions including Die Welt der Buddhas and Keine Kultura ohne Tiere (full list of exhibitions)

We will buy group tickets if enough of us are in need of a ticket. To aid our planning, please let us know at uubasel@gmail.com if would benefit from a group ticket. 1 group ticket is 11 CHF. Otherwise, the adult entry is 16 CHF (full price list). If you have a Museum Pass, you have a ticket already.

Sunday, March 13

11:00 Service by Zoom. Save the date!

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We look forward to seeing you somewhere, somehow, sometime soon!
Meanwhile, take care of yourselves…

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