Sunday September 25 at UU Basel

At 11:00 this Sunday September 25, UUB returns to our traditional home, the Foyer of Im Lohnhof 8,  for the second time since the start of the pandemic.

We have a full schedule. At 11:00 Sharon Marshall will lead us in a grounding meditation. At 11:30 Matt Gilsenan will facilitate a Sociocratic circle to together choose a fellowship representative to the European Unitarian Universalists (EUU).

At 12:00 we will break for lunch together, at a local reasonably priced restaurant, or feel free to bring your lunch. We hope to resume pot luck lunch together on site on 2nd Sundays of the month with group consent.

At 13:15 our President Matt Cook and elder John Eichrodt will lead a feedback session about what we want and how we want to be in community going forward. 


For those not on our mailing list, please contact us here for remote joining details, if you absolutely can not be there in person. We count on a good turnout in person to help us make decisions and get clarity about our community as we emerge from the pandemic.


Upcoming Schedule

October 9

11:00 Service “Peace” with Mehdi Jahandar
Pot Luck Lunch
13:15-14:30 Workshop on Service topic

October 23

11:00 Meditation
11:30 2023 Budget input from members led by Les Andrews
Bag Lunch or local fare
13:15 Spiritual Democracy with John Eichrodt and Blanca Maria

October 28-30

Cultivating Peace with Alastair McIntosh Retreat in Mittelwihr, Alsace.
We have reached capacity and in person registration is closed.
Join us remotely! Register here before 18 October.

November 13

11:00 “Hiking the Spirit” Service on the Spiritual Journey with Dagmar Falarzik
Pot Luck Lunch
13:15 Workshop on the Sermon

December 11

11:00 “God 4.0” with Lesley Andrews
12:15 Holiday Feast