Sunday October 23 at UU Basel

This Sunday, 23 October, at UU Basel

11:00 Reading and Meditation with Sharon
11:30 Presentation & Q&A by Les Andrews on the 2022-23 Budget
12:00 -13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Discussion & proposal of candidates for the UUB Board 2022-2023

Please note: because this month’s Sanctuary is shortened to accommodate other business, WE WILL START PROMPTLY at 11:00. The doors will be open from 10:30, and the Zoom ‘doors’ will close promptly at 11:00.
If you are attending in person and unavoidably delayed, you are kindly requested to enter, leave belongings near the door and take a seat in the circle quietly so we can all have the best possible experience in the time available.

One thought on “Sunday October 23 at UU Basel

  1. Many thanks for a detailed and well formulated invitation and instructions. Look forward to seeing you 🙏

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