Sunday December 11 at UU Basel

11:00 Service with Lesley Andrews

“God 4.0?”

Spiritual practices and their derived institutions (religions) have evolved over the millennia as evidenced in the written and archaeological record. The evolution of these practices has notably been driven by the periodic restatement of a personal proposition: “a human can expand its experience and enable wider connected understanding of its place in the world via mastering certain alternative states of consciousness.”

With increasing scientific knowledge of physics as well as the workings of our neurobiology and psychology, we have begun to scientifically understand spiritual experiences that formerly could only be described via metaphors.

Is it time to move to a new framework? Existing frameworks include Shamanism (1.0), Gods everywhere for everything (2.0), monotheism (3.0).

Is God 4.0 what is emerging?

This service will scratch the surface of a book: God 4.0: On the Nature of Higher Consciousness and the Experience Called “God” (The Psychology of Conscious Evolution Trilogy) by Robert Ornstein and Sally Ornstein, 2021.

Lesley Andrews is a retired IT systems architect with long intertwined interests in history, psychology, religion, and Sufism.

Holiday Feast at 12:15

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We are happy to be able to celebrate holiday time in person! This year we resume our long standing tradition and gather for a holiday feast after our December service. UUB will provide a turkey, and we count on you to bring a dish of some kind. Please indicate via this link if you would like to bring something on the list. We can warm up dishes in the Lohnhof kitchen near the end of service. Sign up to provide your contribution.

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