Sunday February 12 at UU Basel

11:00 Service with Matt Cook

“The Waterpark of Life”

This coming Sunday, Feb 12 im Lohnhof 8 at 11:00, join us for Sunday Service with Matt Cook. Matt will share an updated version of his 2016 message “The Waterpark of Life.”

We like to imagine that there is a way someone is, that there is an answer to “who we are”.  But we are defined in part by the life we are living, and life is always in motion.  As we swim through life, usually we are not just floating like a log, but swimming and splashing around.  Sometimes we are swept in some direction by the current, which might feel good, bad, nice, sad, or just different.  We are sometimes trying to help another person, sometimes trying synchronized swimming, sometimes fighting the current, sometimes trying to learn new strokes.  So when we think about “who we are”, perhaps it makes more sense to think about “who we are right now” — since an important part of “who we are” is “what we are doing”, and even “what we have been thinking lately”.  This dynamic perspective on identity can deepen our understanding of ourselves and of those around us.

At 12:15 we’ll break for a potluck lunch (bring food to share)

1:30-2:45 reconvene for a workshop discussion.

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