Sunday April 23 at UU Basel

Sunday, April 23

Im Lohnhof 8, Basel

11:00 Sunday Sanctuary led by Sharon

12:15 We’ll go out to lunch
13:30 Informal Board discussion

2nd Sunday 14 May Mother’s Day

11:00 Service “Standing at the Threshold – Crisis as Gift in Spiritual Seeking” with Elise Goldstein

Elise’s talk will be part of a 1 hour service including music, prose and poetry.

12:15: we invite you to a potluck lunch, followed by a workshop discussion on the topic at 13:30.

Elise Goldstein is an archetypal analyst, researcher and artist, presently living in Brittany, France.

She is a specialist in intra-personal communication, the study of how inner dialogue shapes the creation of self, identity, and perception of the world. In addition to her psychoanalytic practice, Elise has been a lecturer, panelist, and workshop facilitator across Europe for the last 12 years on the subjects of artistic research, ritual therapy, love-studies, and eco-spirituality.

At the start of 2021, Elise founded La SOURCE Centre de Recherche & Création in Brittany, France – the first international research center dedicated to Love-Studies – where she presently serves as Director. Research fellows at La SOURCE are invited to engage in “Integrative Inquiry” and “Radical Creative Practice” in order to unearth, shape, and transmit the deepest treasures born of our connection to self, others, our environments, and spirit.
12:15 Shared Lunch
13:30 Workshop with Elise on Service

4th Sunday 28 May

11:00 Sunday Sanctuary
12:15 We’ll go out to lunch
13:30 Open meeting of the Board

2nd Sunday 11 June

11:00 Service with Art Lester “Letters in a Bottle”
12:15 Please bring lunch to share
13:30 Workshop with Art

4th Sunday 25 June

11:00 Sunday Sanctuary
12:15 we’ll go out to lunch
13:30 Workshop

2023-2024 Season

10 September. Rabbi Aron Mueller
11 February. Rev Kate Dean from Rosslyn Hill Unitarians London

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