Sunday November 12 at UU Basel

We welcome Eva Kortekaas from Amsterdam

Eva’s topic: “Drawing from the Well: Sources for our Search for Truth and Meaning”

10:30 Doors open

11:00 Service begins

12:15 Shared meal: please bring a contribution

13:30-14:45 a workshop discussion

Drawing from the Well: Sources for our Search for Truth and Meaning

We live in strange times. Covid keeps lingering in the background, the war in Ukraine is in its second year with no end in sight, Israel and Hamas are at war, and the threat of climate change looms larger and larger after the worldwide disasters this summer. Complicated times like these often invite us to start searching for truth and meaning in our lives. But where can we even start to look for answers? Or how do we find new wells of wisdom when the old ones have grown stale?

Please join use as we explore what Unitarian Universalism may offer us in the form of the ‘Six Sources’ and how these can help guide us in our search. After lunch we will turn to our own lives and explore our own personal sources and how they play a role in our lives. Maybe we can even write a UU style source of our own to add to the list.

Eva Kortekaas is native Dutch. She discovered Unitarian Universalism over ten years ago. Since then Eva has explored UU as a member of The Netherlands Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (NUUF), EUU and ICUU, wearing many hats. Currently she is Chair of Worship (and an informal Student Minister) at NUUF. She has a master in Religion Studies and the last few years has been pursuing studies for the ministry at the Instituut OVP in Bilthoven.

Directions: Nearest tram stop: Musicakademie, #3 tram. From SBB, take any tram going towards Aeschenplatz, then switch to the #3, continuing in the same direction.

If you’re unavoidably delayed we’d love it if you’d enter as quietly as you can.

2023-2024 Season

  • 26 November: Sanctuary
  • 26 November: AGM
  • 10 December: Service with Blanca Maria Müller Lagunez; “Philosophy as Spiritual Practice – Was Spinoza ahead of his Time?”
  • 24 December: Holiday break
  • 11 February: Rev Kate Dean from Rosslyn Hill Unitarians London

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