Sunday March 24 at UU Basel

11:00 Sanctuary. Theme: Happiness. Bring a short story, poems on the subject to share.
12:15 Go out together locally for lunch
13:30 UUB Board Meeting
Board meetings are for UUB Board decisions and planning. Non board members are welcome to observe and contribute.

Directions: Nearest tram stop: Musicakademie, #3 tram. From SBB, take any tram going thru Bankverein, then switch there to the #3 in the same direction.

If you’re unavoidably delayed we’d love it if you’d enter as quietly as you can.

Upcoming events

  • 12-14 April: EUU Retreat in Saarbr├╝cken. With many members of our core group at this EUU retreat in Saarbrucken, Germany, we will have no Sunday meeting in Basel.
  • 28 April: Sanctuary
  • 12 May: Sunday Service
  • 26 May: Sanctuary
  • 14 June: Sunday Service
  • 28 June: Sanctuary

Upcoming, ongoing, activities from other EUU fellowships can be found here

Check them out and sign up in advance for the link or directions.

We look forward to seeing you!

UU Basel meeting schedule