Sunday June 9 at UU Basel

Sunday, June 9

Im Lohnhof 8, Basel

11:00 Join us as Rev Art Lester visits UU Basel from the UK to deliver his message “Bring in the Clowns”

12:15 Please bring lunch to share.

13:30 Workshop with Art

Rev. Lester grew up reluctantly in the American South before working as a newspaper reporter, supermarket clown, fire tower operator, taxi driver and carnival worker. After several attempts at university, he ran a counter-culture Mexican restaurant that hosted Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the literary hero of his youth, Jack Kerouac.

During the eighties, Art worked as a village-level volunteer in Kenya, Botswana and the Dominican Republic, becoming a speaker of Swahili and Spanish. In 1992 he finished his ministry training in Britain, and since has been minister to Unitarian congregations in London and Dublin. He has been at Croydon Unitarians in London for sixteen years.
His book, Seeing with Your Ears: Spirituality for Those Who Can’t Believe, won a prestigious US self-published book competition. Another book, The Coffee Table Book of Doom (with Steven Appleby), is published by Random House in the UK and by Penguin in the US. A recent work, Letters in a Bottle, is also available on Amazon.
Art is a joint citizen of the US and the UK. He is married to Gilly Fraser, a script writer and former playwright in residence at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

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