Sunday December 11 at UU Basel

11:00 Service on “God 4.0” with Lesley Andrews

Spiritual practices and their derived institutions (religions) have evolved over the millennia as evidenced in the written and archaeological record. The evolution of these practices has notably been driven by the periodic restatement of a personal proposition: “a human can expand its experience and enable wider connected understanding of its place in the world via mastering certain alternative states of consciousness.”

Sunday November 13 at UU Basel

11:00 Service on “Hiking the Spirit” with Dagmar Falarzik

The service will be in our usual location at im Lohnhof, Basel. Dagmar, a retired Anthropologist and author, has spent 7 years in community with the Lakota Sioux and more recently has directed her attention to the Sami peoples of northern Europe. Sunday’s message brings together their insights from Dagmar’s lifetime of fieldwork and her deep appreciation for the spiritual traditions she has encountered.

Service is followed by a potluck lunch, and a discussion from 13:15-14:30 on the topic of the service.