December 2nd Sunday with Rev. Art Lester & Musique Avenir Mulhouse

Sunday December 11 at 11:00am

Christmas is not limited to mainstream Christians; it’s for everyone – even us – Rev. Art Lester


Musique Avenir Mulhouse

This service is oriented towards Christmas through its music and spirit of love.  Musique Avenir Mulhouse will support the service and also perform.

Rev. Art Lester will talk briefly on how Christmas is not just for Christians but even for us, i.e., Unitarian Universalists, in all our diversity of belief, agnosticism, and atheism.

Rev. Art Lester
Rev. Art Lester

Art Lester is currently minister at the Croydon Unitarian & Free Christian Church in Croydon, Surrey, originally from North Carolina, after working as a journalist and running a Mexican restaurant, Art studied rural development in England. He then worked for many years doing development work in Africa and in the Dominican Republic. In 1989, he entered training for the Unitarian ministry in the UK where he has served several churches. He has a second home in the Alpujarras, Spain.


Musique Avenir Mulhouse is a descendant of the worker movement bands of 1920’s Alsace
that formed
in Alsatian villages to keep their hearts and souls together. An ensemble of 12 French musicians, it is open to all instruments and ages and plays many kinds of music.

We will have a sit-down lunch to celebrate the season.  Please bring a covered-dish to contribute to the feast so that we will have both a sufficiency and variety of food.